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July 15, 2014: vSBUS IP announcement for low- and high-end FPGA and ASIC designs

By vsyncc on July 15, 2014 in Software Release, Vsync News

vSync Circuits is happy to announce the release of new vSBUS IP.

The new IP supports simple bus interface (SBUS) on host side and a configurable number of user ports on the other side.

Similarly to vAXIom platform, vSBUS generation is accompanied by generation of customized simulation and synthesis environments.

vSBUS and vAXI are compatible IPs, supporting user setting (port settings) transfer between designs.

vSBUS is suitable for low-end FPGA integration, where AXI employment might be an over-kill.

SBUS interface is a generic configurable interface allowing connection to multiple standard bus protocols.

The platform is suitable both for FPGA and ASIC based designs.

vSBUS is available inside vAXIom platform release v4.0 under special license.


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