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September 12-14, 2023: vSync exhibits at FPGA-World’23, Stockholm & Copenhagen

By vsyncc on August 1, 2023 in Expo, Vsync News

Dear friends,

We warmly invite you to FPGA-World conference.

vSync CTO Reuven Dobkin will give two different lectures in Stockholm and in Copenhagen:

  1. Radiation-tolerant design and verification concepts

Presenter: Dr. Reuven Dobkin, CTO of vSync Circuits


FPGA designs for space must operate under harsh radiation conditions. The radiation can cause multiple types of hard (ubrecoverable) and soft (recoverable) functional failures. During this lecture, we will review a few RTL design development guidelines for space applications that are also applicable for non-space safety-critical applications. We will discuss how space quality assurance can be achieved using static tool-based verification process.

  1. Hanling asynchronous reset in multiple-clock synchronous FPGA systems

Presenter: Dr. Reuven Dobkin, CTO of vSync Circuits


Asynchronous resets are traditionally employed in VLSI designs for bringing synchronous circuitry to a known state after power up. Asynchronous reset release operation must be coordinated with the synchronous logic clock signal to eliminate synchronization failures due to possible contention between the reset and the clock (a.k.a. recovery/removal timing violations). A lack of such coordination leads to intermittent failures on power up. During the lecture we will review FPGA implementation approaches for asynchronous reset hanling and synchronization.


See you all there + don’t forget to visit our booth!

Best regards,

–vSync team.

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