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Dr. Reuven Dobkin


Reuven Dobkin holds Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. Reuven is co-founder, CTO and acting CEO of vSync Circuits LTD. In past, Reuven served as VLSI group manager at Ramon Chips LTD., developing Radiation Hardened VLSI technology for space applications (2005-2009). Beforehand, he led a VLSI design group in IC4IC LTD. developing a family of chips for communications (2001-2002). Through the years 1997-2000 he worked within RAFAEL ASIC Experts design group. In parallel, through the years 1999-2005 Reuven worked as project officer in the Armament Research and Development Directory of Ministry of Defense, managing research groups in the fields of C4I Systems, Signal Processing, Software Systems Engineering and VLSI. Reuven’s research interests are VLSI architectures, asynchronous logic, synchronization, GALS systems, SoC, NoC and parallel architecture.